Customer showcase: Flour + Water Pizzeria, San Francisco August 18 2023, 0 Comments

The mission behind the Flour + Water Pizzeria in North Beach was to pay homage to the Italian heritage of the neighborhood and celebrate the art of pizza-making with an elegant yet approachable ambiance. Founders Thomas and Ryan aimed to establish a place that prioritized exceptional pizza while maintaining a lighthearted atmosphere.

Luminaria Corrugated Board Pendant Light pizzeria restaurant lightingLuminaria Corrugated Board Pendant Light pizzeria restaurant lighting

The design favored a simple, functional aesthetic that highlighted the dynamic pizza-making process and the vibrant ingredients. The cardboard lights were a great match for the design, blending a down-to-earth feel with a touch of nostalgia, and they added a fun element to the pizza-making atmosphere.

Luminaria Corrugated Board Pendant Light pizzeria restaurant lightingLuminaria Corrugated Board Pendant Light pizzeria restaurant lighting
Throughout the establishment, subtle references to the pizza-making process and playful details were incorporated. Custom steel elements, all crafted by Lundberg Design. 

Flour + Water Pizzeria
Visit the Knowles architects website here to see more.

Photography Kristen Loken

Designer: Gavin Knowles, Lundberg Design

Consultants: Kitchen, Restaurant & Bar Specialists, Banks Landl Lighting Design, Office, MHC Engineers, Inc.

Contractor: Cookline SF

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Luminaria Corrugated Board Pendant Light 

Customer showcase - Paloma Taco & Tequila, Wisconsin USA June 08 2023, 0 Comments

You'll find a breath of fresh air in Wisconsin at Paloma Taco & Tequila; a lively space with a sense of community spirit where friends gather to enjoy conversations over tasty libations. Mexican comfort cuisine and delicacies are served and enjoyed under the vivacious colors and patterns of this establishment that instantly transports us to the streets of Guanajuato.

The mastermind behind all this, Pattie, has perfected the popular Mexican cocktail 'Paloma'. which she pays tribute to this favourited beverage is made by naming her restaurant after the refreshing mix of tequila with grapefruit.

Paloma also translates to 'female dove' in spanish, the designers and builders from THREE SIXTY incorporated elements of doves through playful details; a scalloped bar front in the design, inspired by layered feathers as well as the inclusion of our wooden bird cage pendant that sits perfectly above their custom banquette. 

'' We are proud to help make this restaurant a destination and are thankful for thoughtful design elements we were able to include like the Tudo and Co. birdcage pendants.''
It's no stranger to us that food provides a multi sensory experience that can take you back to another place; after all our sense of smell is closely tied to where we store our memories. When the decor compliments the cuisine like this, we are instantly taken to this place the designers have created for us, it lets us unwind and truly appreciate the complete culinary experience.
Project/client: Paloma Taco & Tequila
Design and Build: THREE SIXTY
Instagram: @threesixtymke
Photography: Matthew Mitschke
Instagram: @mitschkephotography
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Customer showcase: The one with the charming courtyard, Paradise Valley, Arizona May 05 2023, 0 Comments

Powder room european luxury bathroom with marble and brass details
The beautiful result of an Arizona based European transformation, where the clients were keen on incorporating their personal tastes while maintaining heritage features in this home renovation. The designer, Lauren Wallace, executed their vision by employing a lighter color palette and introducing novel, luxurious materials, along with timeless brass pendant lighting and opulent textures that seamlessly blended with the clients' refined sensibilities.

Powder room european luxury bathroom with marble and brass details
LWI breathed new life into this space, we love the details of this truly luxurious bathroom/powder room complete with a marble bench and brass pendant lighting that compliments and gives the finishing touch.
Powder room european luxury bathroom vanity with marble and brass details

Designed by: @laurenwallaceinteriors
Builder: @mdfdev
Photography by: @michaelcliffordphotography

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Brushed Brass Fluted Pendant Light

See more details of the project on Lauren's websiteLauren wallace designs

Customer showcase: Aterlier St Arno, Montreal Canada April 28 2023, 0 Comments

In the heart of Montreal, a design studio has breathed new life into an aged abode, transforming it into a haven of timeless sophistication. Featuring use of arches to soften angles and earthy colour tones to evoke a sense of grounded-ness, the studio has created an oasis of tranquility within the bustling city.

Mid century modern kitchen renovation, De Champs project by Atelier St Arno

The kitchen, with its floor-to-ceiling tiled walls and plastered hood, is a testament to the studio's commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Moody hues add depth and character to the space, while the overall effect is one of effortless elegance.

Mid century modern kitchen renovation, De Champs project by Atelier St Arno

And then there's the powder room, with its charming wallpaper and heritage feel. It's a space that captures the essence of the house, bringing together the old and the new in a way that is both charming and sophisticated.

Mid century modern classic heritage powder room renovation, De Champs project by Atelier St Arno

The design studio behind this remarkable transformation has truly outdone themselves, creating a space that is not only beautiful but also deeply functional and practical. It's a testament to their eye and creativity, and a showcase of what can be achieved when design is done with passion and dedication.

Mid century modern kitchen renovation, De Champs project by Atelier St Arno

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~ Maya Angelou

Follow their transformation journey on instagram

Designed by: Atelier St Arno 

Photography by: Phil Bernard
IG: @philbernard_photographe

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Eden Fluted Midcentury Pendant Light


Oberon wall light by tudo and co

Oberon Wooden Shade Brass gooseneck arm Wall Light


Customer showcase: Brass Bear Uptown, Santa Barbara CA March 31 2023, 0 Comments

Nestled in the heart of Santa Barbara, this charming restaurant boasts a delightful open dining area adorned with a tasteful french country-inspired decor. Featuring elegant brass wall lights and subtle hints of blue accents, the atmosphere exudes a welcoming warmth for diners to indulge in a locally sourced culinary experience.

Brass Bear Brewing & BistroBrass Bear Brewing & BistroBrass Bear Brewing & Bistro

Designed by Lindsay Anderson
Photographed by Blake Bronstad

Visit Brass bear uptown in Santa Barbara

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Chiswick Wall Light (Capsule 15)


Customer showcase: Scandi wooden style home in Sydney, Australia September 28 2022, 0 Comments

Our Ando linear pendant light in brass is the silver lining in this wooden Japandi style dining room in Sydney, Australia.

We can appreciate the continuation of the 'au naturale' look with the choice of the Ando centered in with the dining table. The shine of the brass and the clean line that runs along the centre of the table is an understated finish to the overall design of the room. A perfect example of the minimalist scandi look; warm and inviting leaving only the essentials.

Wooden scandi dining interior with minimalist linear pendant Ando chandelier in brassWooden scandi dining interior with minimalist linear pendant Ando chandelier in brassWooden scandi dining interior with minimalist linear pendant Ando chandelier in brass turned on
Wooden scandi dining interior with minimalist linear pendant Ando chandelier in brass turned on2023 dining room lighting design

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Ando Minimalist Line LED Brass Pendant Light (Long 180cm / 5ft 10in version is pictured)

Perfect chandelier pairing for a staircase void in Cape Town, South Africa March 10 2022, 0 Comments

Glider pendant light

We love it when we get tagged by our customers on instagram and see them bring their envisions of our lighting to life.

There couldn't be a more perfect match for this high ceiling staircase void. 

A wonderful composition of shape and form, white on white brings about a playfulness while maintaining the spaciousness of this staircase. 

Glider pendant light chandelier for void

Interior design by LVDS Interiors
Photography by Christine Meintjes

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Glider chandelier

Customer showcase: Gordon Ramsay Burgers, Chicago USA February 11 2022, 0 Comments

Gordon ramsay burger concrete light

Calling all fans of Kitchen Nightmares: Gordon Ramsay Burger is the latest venture from celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay that officially opened in River North, Chicago. 

With offerings of his signature burgers, hot dogs, fries and other casual bites devised by the chef-turned-TV superstar. 

Gordon ramsay burger

The 5,000-square-foot restaurant has been outfitted with bench-style booth and chair seating for 120, with 116 lights provided by us at Tudo and Co,  illuminating the dining area that oozes an industrial basement man cave feel. 

Gordon ramsay burger concrete light

Visit Gordon Ramsay Burgers at 2 E Ontario St, Chicago, IL 60611, USA

Gordon ramsay burger

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Concrete Minimalist Bare Globe With Fabric Cable Pendant Light


Customer showcase: Blanc Marine interiors - Quebec, Canada February 08 2022, 0 Comments

Pastel Coloured Cone Shade Pendant Light kitchen in beige

Blanc Marine Interiors is a design firm based in Montreal that focus on classic yet contemporary styles to create living spaces that gracefully transcend time. Rosemont project is one of their projects that we love; a breath of new life is found in this 120 year old abode. 

Pastel Coloured Cone Shade Pendant Light kitchen in beige

" Like all of our projects, we were particular with preserving the original features of the building and designed this kitchen with the mindfulness of keeping the original space and historical period, creating a timeless style that will last for years to come.⁠ "

Pastel Coloured Cone Shade Pendant Light kitchen in beige

What you can't see in the photos are a hidden fridge and a built-in wooden sideboard with drawers under the window. It is both beautiful and functional.

Design by: Blanc Marine
Photography by: Photographie interieure

Follow their transformation on instagram

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Pastel Coloured Cone Shade Industrial Pendant Light (in beige)

Customer Showcase: Maker coffee specialty roasters, Melbourne, Australia January 27 2022, 0 Comments

Maker coffee cafe shopfront

Maker Coffee is the meeting spot in Melbourne, Australia for coffee drinkers, with baristas and roasters on hand to answer any coffee-related questions. 

Maker coffee cafe ilili minimalist light

Specialising in seasonal, unique coffee, Maker source quality coffee from around the globe to create genuine, unique, and memorable coffee experiences. Roasted in-house to the highest standards. 

Maker coffee minimalist line wall pendant light

The lines created by our Ilili Minimalist Line Wall Ceiling Light accentuate the high ceilings and add a stylish touch to the minimal light-filled interior. It is both a wall light and pendant light.

Maker coffee cafe ilili minimalist light

A minimalist yet earthy interior featuring wooden and iron accents create a calm environment perfect to accompany a fine caffeine beverage. A beautiful space for meeting a friend, penciling a thought or perhaps just enjoying the day. 

Maker coffee cafe minimalist interiorMaker coffee melbourne

Started in 2015, Maker has now become a brand that is synonymous with quality, consistency, and variety. Find this charming branch of Maker coffee on the corner of Little Bourke St and Hardware Lane in Melbourne, Victoria Australia.

Maker coffee cafe shopfront

Maker coffee

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Ilili Minimalist Line Wall Ceiling Light / Pendant Light