Perfect chandelier pairing for a staircase void in Cape Town, South Africa March 10 2022, 0 Comments

Glider pendant light

We love it when we get tagged by our customers on instagram and see them bring their envisions of our lighting to life.

There couldn't be a more perfect match for this high ceiling staircase void. 

A wonderful composition of shape and form, white on white brings about a playfulness while maintaining the spaciousness of this staircase. 

Glider pendant light chandelier for void

Interior design by LVDS Interiors
Photography by Christine Meintjes

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Glider chandelier

Customer Showcase: Maker coffee specialty roasters, Melbourne, Australia January 27 2022, 0 Comments

Maker coffee cafe shopfront

Maker Coffee is the meeting spot in Melbourne, Australia for coffee drinkers, with baristas and roasters on hand to answer any coffee-related questions. 

Maker coffee cafe ilili minimalist light

Specialising in seasonal, unique coffee, Maker source quality coffee from around the globe to create genuine, unique, and memorable coffee experiences. Roasted in-house to the highest standards. 

Maker coffee minimalist line wall pendant light

The lines created by our Ilili Minimalist Line Wall Ceiling Light accentuate the high ceilings and add a stylish touch to the minimal light-filled interior. It is both a wall light and pendant light.

Maker coffee cafe ilili minimalist light

A minimalist yet earthy interior featuring wooden and iron accents create a calm environment perfect to accompany a fine caffeine beverage. A beautiful space for meeting a friend, penciling a thought or perhaps just enjoying the day. 

Maker coffee cafe minimalist interiorMaker coffee melbourne

Started in 2015, Maker has now become a brand that is synonymous with quality, consistency, and variety. Find this charming branch of Maker coffee on the corner of Little Bourke St and Hardware Lane in Melbourne, Victoria Australia.

Maker coffee cafe shopfront

Maker coffee

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Ilili Minimalist Line Wall Ceiling Light / Pendant Light