Customer showcase: Bowerbird’s Park Slope, Brooklyn renovation

Customer showcase: Bowerbird’s Park Slope, Brooklyn renovation

New york times article for bowerbird sussman renovation project

Congratulations to our clients at Bowerbird architects, who worked with Anita & Norman Sussman on their renovation work that recently got featured in the New York Times!

hall entrance renovation before and after

We're feeling very proud to see our ARQ pendant light beautifully fit right at home in this stunning Brooklyn renovation! 

before and after hall entrance renovation

Lots of great renovation tips in the article. Link to full article:

A great tip on lighting in their article: "What they learned: In a space with low ceilings, consider your lighting choices carefully. It may be tempting to install recessed lighting, as it takes up little ceiling space, but the light it emits won’t be enough to brighten the room — unless you install more fixtures than you should. “You’ll have to put a lot of them in, and you’ll make Swiss cheese” of your ceiling, Mr. Kaplan said.

For the Sussmans, he put a few recessed lights in key spots (over the storage bench and the dining table, for example). Elsewhere, he used globe fixtures that radiate in all directions, with one in the living area and another in the bedroom." 

This post features:

ARQ branch chandelier (currently discontinued)

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