FAQ revealed: Shipping fragile items

Safe packaging is an essential part of our process. When you've ordered fragile items such as glass and crystal lighting online, you want need the peace of mind to know it's bound to survive an international trip. While we can't be there to keep an eye on the delivery man every step of the way, we can only rely on our secret weapon:

Foam. Lots of foam.

This is how we carefully pack our 3 pack A19 edison filament bulbs, one of our most fragile items:

Foam on all sides: the bottom, left right, in front, behind, on top. We've tried and tested it, sent some to our friends abroad, and we can proudly claim it's foolproof.

And take our Crystal decanter pendant light for example: 

We have custom foam packaging to suit each product! 

We take the greatest care to ensure all packages are packed securely for a safe transit. On top of that, every parcel we ship is insured with the carrier, this allows us to issue replacements timely should any breakages occur. This gives both our customers and ourselves the greatest peace of mind that the orders we send will arrive safe and sound.

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