Customer showcase - Paloma Taco & Tequila, Wisconsin USA June 08 2023, 0 Comments

You'll find a breath of fresh air in Wisconsin at Paloma Taco & Tequila; a lively space with a sense of community spirit where friends gather to enjoy conversations over tasty libations. Mexican comfort cuisine and delicacies are served and enjoyed under the vivacious colors and patterns of this establishment that instantly transports us to the streets of Guanajuato.

The mastermind behind all this, Pattie, has perfected the popular Mexican cocktail 'Paloma'. which she pays tribute to this favourited beverage is made by naming her restaurant after the refreshing mix of tequila with grapefruit.

Paloma also translates to 'female dove' in spanish, the designers and builders from THREE SIXTY incorporated elements of doves through playful details; a scalloped bar front in the design, inspired by layered feathers as well as the inclusion of our wooden bird cage pendant that sits perfectly above their custom banquette. 

'' We are proud to help make this restaurant a destination and are thankful for thoughtful design elements we were able to include like the Tudo and Co. birdcage pendants.''
It's no stranger to us that food provides a multi sensory experience that can take you back to another place; after all our sense of smell is closely tied to where we store our memories. When the decor compliments the cuisine like this, we are instantly taken to this place the designers have created for us, it lets us unwind and truly appreciate the complete culinary experience.
Project/client: Paloma Taco & Tequila
Design and Build: THREE SIXTY
Instagram: @threesixtymke
Photography: Matthew Mitschke
Instagram: @mitschkephotography
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